Thursday, March 23, 2017

Room 301 has done it once again!!!!  We met our Class DoJo goal and we are having a... 

Hawaii Party!
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We made grass skirts to wear tomorrow... Students are encouraged to wear either a floral shirt or a bright colored shirt and bring sunglasses, flip-flops and a towel for "beach time".  

We will also be watching Lilo and Stitch... 1/2 in the morning and 1/2 in the afternoon.   

What a great way to kick off SPRING BREAK!!!!


Sunday, March 12, 2017

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                                       Week of March 13

After Kindergarten Registration last week, I was reminded of just how little our guys were when they first started in the Fall. They have come so far!  They are now readers, writers and more importantly...friends.  Here's what is happening in room 301.

Students are really getting the hang of CVC (consonant, vowel, consonant) words and continue to work on blends (ex. "st") digraphs (ex."sh").  Last week we started to look at long vowel sounds by adding "e" to words (ex. can- cane).  

I have been trying to meet with each group every day or at least 3 times a week.  We've really been working on identifying and reading our sight words, using pictures to help with reading the text and pointing one-to-one.  Since our focus has been non-fiction in reading and writing, our book club books are also non-fiction.   The books that we read together stay in their book bins so they can practice during "Read to Self".  
We also have a different system for literacy centers.   Ask your child about their favorite center.  I am so proud of the progress they have made with their stamina.  

We have been reading non-fiction books, with an emphasis on text features.  We have talked about titles, table of contents, bold words, headings, photographs and captions.  This week I am going to model how to research an animal.  We will read books and watch videos to learn new information.  I will model how to pick the most important information and take notes.  Next, students will pick an animal they want to know more about and do similar research.  

We have been composing and decomposing numbers.  I was so impressed with the flexibility in working with numbers.   Ask your child about the bunk bed math we did last week!

I am looking forward to a fabulous week!   We might even get a special visit from a lucky leprechaun on Friday... don't forget to wear your green!

Sunday, January 29, 2017

We are looking forward to sharing our Personal Narrative Writing at our "Brown Bag Lunch" on Tuesday, January 31st at our regular lunch time (11:00-11:00).   We will be eating lunch in our classroom.   

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Don't forget... we are celebrating our 100th day of school this Thursday, February 2.  Please have your child count out their 100 items to bring into school by Thursday.  

Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Good Evening!

This is one of my favorite times of the school year!   No matter what grades I've taught, January and February are such a transitional time and I love seeing the huge learning growth spurt.   Kindergarten is by far my favorite grade so far because these kiddos have gone from "how to sit on the carpet and stand in line" to "writing stories with a main idea and details."   It blows my mind!  

I can't believe that we will be celebrating our 100th day of school on February 2.  In addition to that, our 2nd Trimester Conferences are coming up in a few weeks as well.   This next month is very busy at BEU so I thought I would share what's going on in the next few weeks!


Friday, 1/27   "Career Day"-  Dress up as what you want to be when you grow up!
Monday, 1/30   Steam Bus visits Kindergarten
Tuesday, 1/31   Happy Birthday!   Beulah Ralph would have been 90 years old.   BEU is celebrating with an assembly, a special visit from her daughter, Monica Naylor, and cupcakes!
Tuesday, 1/31  "Brown Bag Lunch"- you are invited to join us for lunch in our classroom and enjoy your child's first Personal Narrative piece of writing.  
*PLEASE CHECK FOLDERS TOMORROW for more specific information... there is a form that will need to be filled out and returned by Friday (yes... a two day turnaround...sorry). 
Thursday, 2/2   100th Day of School! LOTS OF FUN ALL DAY!
Friday, 2/3  Parent/Teacher Conference letters are sent home
Friday, 2/3   "Neon and Bright Day"- wear the brightest colors you can find to celebrate being POSITIVE BEU students.   

Wednesday, 2/8   PTA meeting (6:30)
Friday, 2/10   "Puzzle Day"  to celebrate being BEU Problem Solvers
Monday, 2/13 Conferences
Tuesday, 2/14   Valentines Day Party-  We will be making Valentine Bags in the classroom (more info. to come).
*please have Valentines already filled out and ready to go 
*list will be sent home in Friday Folders :)
Thursday, 2/16   Conferences



If you have any questions or something doesn't seem right, please let me know.

Thursday, January 19, 2017

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REMINDER:   Tomorrow is our BEU COLOR and HAT SPIRIT DAY.   Our class is wearing GREEN!   Challenge your child to go in their closets and dressers to find as much green to wear from head to toe (hats can be whatever color they want).

Can't wait to share photos tomorrow!

Sunday, January 8, 2017

Happy 2017!!!

Let me start by saying "Thank You" for your thoughtful words and gifts before we left for holiday break. It was so much fun to see all the goodies when I got home.  Please know how very special you all are to me and how thankful I am to have you and your child in my life.   

Croom Kindergarten is already off to a wonderful start and was able to jump right back into routine! This is such a fresh start and the students have shown me that they are ready to shoot for the stars. Here is what's going on in room 301.

Fundations (letter and word work)
We are finished with lower-case formation of letters and are now working with forming upper-case letters the "kindergarten way."  I would encourage your child to continue practicing writing their lower-case letters at home.

Reminders for forming letters:  there are no letters that begin on the "grass line", pencil should not lift off the paper except for a few letters (f, i, j, t, x, y), pencil grasp is "pinch, pinch, table"

We have moved from identifying beginning and ending sounds in words to "tapping out" letters in consonant/vowel/consonant words and "stretching out" longer words in order to put our words down on paper.  In addition, we also will be working with rhyming words and "Sight Words".  

We spent the first three days back reviewing expectations for read-to-self and read to someone. The boys and girls did such an awesome job, we were able to start meeting with small groups in preparation for Book Clubs.  Our focus during these meetings will be to practice book handling skills, take "book walks", make predictions, read on-level texts and retell.  The books used in book clubs will become familiar texts to practice during read-to-self and read-to-someone.

We are getting better and better at counting and identifying numbers to 100 and are ready to move on to our next unit, "Measurement".   We will continue to collect, count and compare objects, as well as, measure items with non-standard forms of measurement (ex. cubes, sticks, body benchmarks).  On Friday, students found things in the classroom to measure with cubes and compared the lengths to others' items.  This week we will be describing objects by more than one attribute and comparing by length.  Have your child find different ways to measure at home (ex. cooking is such a great way to discuss and explore measurement).

Narrative Writing (stories about our own lives) will be our focus for the next several weeks.  Students are already able to come up with an idea to write about but now we will be adding more details to those ideas.  There will be a final piece that we will be celebrating at our next conference.  

Monday, December 5, 2016

December 4, 2016 
As I mentioned at conferences, I plan on using this blog more often to share reminders, announcements, what we are learning, and how you can help out at home.

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If you haven't been in our room lately, you need to swing by and check out our new comfy spots.  Thank you so much for supporting our "Donors Choose."

This week we will continue to work on counting, reading and writing "Teen Numbers."  It is VERY typical for kindergarten to reverse teen numbers.   We talk about how numbers have real names and nicknames.   For example, 17's "nickname" is seventeen and it's "real name" is 10 and 7 (1 ten and 7 ones).   Next week we will study all numbers to 100.  Students will not only count by ones, but also by 10's.   

AT- HOME PRACTICE:   write numbers 0-20 (reinforcing correct directionality), count by 10's to 100, play board games (ex. Chutes and Ladders, Trouble, Candy Land) to practice one-one correspondence, counting objects and comparing quantities

Last week Nurse Kristen came in and talked to the class about GERMS.  Each of the students got "fake germs" on their hands, placed them under a black light and were amazed to see how many germs were on their hands.   Those invisible, bad, bad, germs were everywhere.   Students practiced washing their hands and then double-checked to make sure all of the pretend germs were off.   
This week, we will continue to work on learning more about germs!

We are learning about using our background knowledge to help us make predictions and understand what we read.  We use the pictures, title and words in the story to activate our "SCHEMA".  We are going to focus on using the "return sweep" when we read (when you read to the end of a line and sweep down to the next line).  We are also going to practice retelling stories in sequence.   

AT-HOME PRACTICE:  before reading a book, look at the cover and title and make a prediction of what you think the book will be about.   Make connections to self while reading at home.  After reading a book, have your child retell the story in order of events.

We are turning into quite the writers.  Students are using their letter sounds and stretching out words to help them write. They are also using a combination of drawings, dictating, and writing to narrate a single event.   

AT-HOME PRACTICE:  continue to work on all sounds and practice spelling the "Sight Words" that were sent home in Friday Folders.   

The next blog will be information regarding our "Christmas Around the World" FUN!!!